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My joy for photography had started later in life, developing long after my love of writing and art. I didn't have a camera of my own until I was over eighteen, given a mini Polaroid camera as a present the photos I took were a shameful blur of cheap holidays and pets, but I enjoyed taking them and soon became addicted to it, with a passion.


I'd love to go back to using film; those snapshots that captured the bygone days of my childhood, the simplicity of family photos taken on 35mm; I often feel that film gives a photo a unique quality that digital somehow lacks. But I digress, I own nothing but digital so digital it shall be.


Below is my photographic collection, taken with various equipment; my beloved Nikon D5000, my battered old Kodak Easyshare, my Canon Powershot, my Sony Cybershot and my iPhones 4 and 6. They all form a visual diary of sorts and therefore I have ordered them by the date that they were taken, most recent ones at the top.

06.01.15 - Like a Rainbow; I seem to have accumulated every shade of coloured pencil available

02.01.15 - Hard Times; When everything around you is falling to pieces it's time to raid the piggy bank one last time

24.12.14 - Cosy Nights In; Winter is all about steaming hot drinks, turning the heating up and eating mince pies

02.10.14 - Take a Walk With Me; Deserted

27.06.14 - Shimmering Diamonds; Unfortunately not real, but just as pretty

21.05.14 - Feathers; Owls are such stunning creatures and here's a photo I took of one handsome little fellow at Cardiff's majestic castle

28.04.14 - Pastimes; Yes, it's another photo of a beach, I know I take a lot of them, I really do, but it sure is one of my favourite places to be

08.04.14 - Grim Serenity; It's peaceful to just sit here and think

07.04.14 - Lemon Tea; A gritty HDR shot of a sweetly refreshing beverage

05.10.13 - Bleak and Beautiful; A dreary sun sets on the dusky estuary

05.09.13 - 'Lil Rabbit; This is actually a photo, despite it looking somewhat otherwise, which I edited with one of my many iphone apps, adding this unique looking sketchy effect

24.07.13 - Brighton Pier; This renowned British Pleasure Pier was built way back in 1899 

23.07.13 - Down by the Sea; The seashore has always been one of my favourite places to be, and this week I spent some time in Brighton; here are a couple of seagulls I managed to photograph wandering along the edge of the beach

23.07.13 - The Shard; At 308 metres high this London skyscraper is hard to miss

23.06.13 - Slimy; Slugs are actually quite interesting creatures and there are around 30 different species of them here in the UK

25.02.13 – Ashore; Sometimes you can find beauty in what otherwise is a dull and disparaging day

19.02.13 – Golden Age; A winter sun breaks through the clouds 

18.02.13 – Down in the Park

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