Visual Arts

Here you'll find my collection of mixed media work (films, digitally produced artwork, hand-drawn and painted images).


All of the works here are displayed at a medium to low resolution, but are available to print/purchase at high-res by email request.

January 2015: Wild Heart

Here I have combined two of my many photographs to make this lovely, but slightly gloomy, creation.

October 2014: Rosey Glow

This quick design was created just before Halloween, my favourite time of year!

As usual the brushes used for its creation can be found at

July 2014: Night Owl

This piece was inspired late one night by a black and white line drawing I found on the web. Created way back in 2012, it's still a fun and vibrant piece to observe.

July 2014: Illuminate

Things never go how I plan them, but my innate optimism always seems to shine through.

June 2014: Little Pieces

This fun little creation was inspired by the idea that the people we meet throughout our lives help form the person that we become, inspired by one of my own favourite quotes,


'I am a little piece of everybody, but I am really nobody at all' - J.S

May 2014: Mixed Up

Here's a quick little piece I created with a fun Photoshop brush from, because creating mixed tapes was one of my favourite childhood pastimes.

March 2014: It Beats

Here's a digital illustration I created during one of those faraway soul-numbing sort of days; the sort of days when you ask yourself 'what am I doing with my life?!'...hope you, um, enjoy it :)

February 2014: Everything is Blue

Brighton, like many South-East and Western coastal towns in Britain is being battered by some awful rainstorms this season. As someone drawn to the violence of stormy weather I braved it out with my camera. The sun was actually shining, the sky was blue, but the wind was so strong it made my eyes water. However, I took this photo, which reminded me of a song by my favourite American band; Nine Inch Nails, entitled The Downward Spiral (The Bottom).

October 2013: Music and Me

Another piece inspired by my love for music; a mix of drawing, photographic and graphic designs.

October 2013: Nothing

After a period of isolation, nothing unusual there, I was inspired to create this solemn piece.

September 2013: Everywhere

I don't know about other people but I do know that everywhere I look, even for what might seem the most ordinary of objects, there is a certain sort of beauty, a fascination, an awe of life itself; perhaps this only comes to those who've seen the darker side of life?

September 2013: Second in the Series

This is my second design from my 'i am electric' collection. It features an edited and recoloured version of some wires taken from the website

September 2013: It's Bright, It's yellow; It's Electric

Being a fan of electronically produced music I decided to create a series of poster designs entitled 'i am electric.' This is the first in that collection.

August 2013: David Carson Pamphlet

Below are the first 2 pages of a double-page spread that I designed as part of a 6-page pamphlet. The images belong to their respective owners, this was just a mock layout so that I could experiment with designing. I used two images for my backdrop and some David Carson inspired typography. Then using masking tape the images were positioned onto the page. I really enjoy designing page layouts and this one was no exception.

August 2013: Swiss Design Pamphlet

Here I've designed the layout, chosen and manipulated the images and typography, and written some basic paragraphs. None of the images are my own (except the shapes on the final page) and belong to their respective artists, the exhibition doesn't really exist, though the Tate gallery does, this project was just an example of how I could create an eye-catching pamphlet layout.

August 2013: Music is my Medicine

It's true, whenever things go bad in my life (this happens rather frequently) it's the music that keeps me going. Here's a quick bit of photography and typography that I produced in the wonderful program that is Photoshop.

July 2013: Free Downloadable Textures

Here I've created a set of six basic grunge texture photographs in high resolution (3 dark textures and 3 light textures). The images show how these look and you can download the full sized versions from the .zip files for free and use them however you like, although any acknowledgement is always appreciated!

Compressed archive in ZIP format [78.7 MB]
Compressed archive in ZIP format [94.9 MB]

June 2013: Rose Montage

This monotone design was created as a Facebook cover photo.

June 2013: Book Cover Designs

Having almost finished my Graphic Design Diploma I created these six front covers for one of my favourite novels, 1984 by George Orwell, as part of my coursework.

June 2013: Glastonbury Festival

As I will be attending one of the world's largest festivals this summer (woohoo!) I thought I'd make my own unique t-shirt design, so here's a quick little piece that I created using various Photoshop brushes (you can download these brushes for free from

May 2013: Nautilus Shell

A quick little piece created in Adobe Illustrator.

April 2013: Moloko Vellocet

This is just a little dedication to the book and film A Clockwork Orange.

November 2012: The Sin/The Job

These are two fake movie posters that I created as part of my Graphic Design Diploma coursework.

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